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One day a week the Conero Riviera Association organizes guided tours, historical and cultural in nature, in some of the most fascinating areas.

Ancona, a city with a dual soul: an ancient Doric capital with the ruins belonging to its ancient past and the modern soul of the city with its entertainments and shopping. An interesting tour, a walk from the Cathedral of Saint Cyriacus all the way to the Pope's Square passing by Saint Mary of the Square and Saint Francis at the Stair; a journey which begins with the ancient Greek civilization and ends with the splendor of the Renaissance.

Land of Castles

Not far from the lively beaches of the Conero Riviera you can visit villages nestled on the hills of the Land of Castles which to this day still preserve their original medieval structures. From the magnificent Offagna Fortress to the secluded centre of the town of Agugliano, it will be like leaping into the olden times of knights and castles. In each of these villages you will have the chance to savour traditional dishes from the Marches region, such as crescia or the special homemade ice cream of Agugliano.

Camerano e Osimo

For a day spent discovering the hinterland of the Conero Riviera we suggest a visit to nearby Camerano, the home of Rosso Conero wine, beneath which lies a veritable underground city made up of caves and tunnels. Don't miss Camerano's Rosso Conero Festival which takes place each year in September.

Just a few kilometers away we find Osimo where you can discover the magic of a medieval city which to this day bears traces of a picturesque past in its monuments, architecture and art. And beneath the soil of Osimo runs a parallel city redolent with mystery and ancient history.


The city of Castelfidardo, is set on the hills surrounding Conero. Renowned the world over as the home of the accordion and this tradition is celebrated to this day. Don't miss out on a visit to the Accordion Museum which houses curious exhibits which narrate the history of music. The renowned accordions Borsini, Soprani, Scandalli and Giustozzi are produced here.

Boat excursions

The sea is the main attraction in the Conero Riviera and offers many opportunities for adventure: from boat excursions to discover the wildest beaches (Conero Ferrymen tel. +39 071.9331795) to the chance to explore the breathtaking sea floor with the Diving Pad Centre (Tel. 335.6625339 of 071.9331367).

Grotte di Frasassi

The fascinating unground world of the Frasassi Caves: a Karstic environment with a unique beauty which conceals veritable works of art molded by nature. This subterranean journey extends for 13 kilometers amidst natural sculptures, small lakes, stalactites and stalagmites. A tour of the Caves lasts about 1 hour, we recommend you wear a sweater and comfortable shoes, tickets paid on the premises.

Along the return journey you can stop in one of the many wine cellars for a taste of Verdicchio, the most famous wine in these parts.


Loreto, a city set on a hill, its imposing Basilica is a distinguishing mark on the landscape. The Sanctuary houses one of the greatest treasures of all Christendom: the Holy House of the Madonna which was brought from the Holy Land all the way to the Marches hills. A trip which is good for the spirit, and that's not all, Loreto has many artistic and architectural treasures which will amaze you.


Recanati, he hometown of poet Giacomo Leopardi. To this day you can still visit the magnificent library which contains the texts and notes which made Leopardi the poet which we all know and admire. You can sit on the hill and admire the infinite panorama sloping down the hills of Conero and beyond or, looking out of the windows of Leopardi House, catch a glimpse of the square where Giacomo drew inspiration for his works of poetry. Don't miss out on this amazing experience, whether you're a poetry lover or not!


A fabulous city whose monuments and works of art describe the Renaissance, the hometown of Raffaello, the painter, it was the birthtown of many prominent artists such as Bramante and Piero della Francesca. The beauty and distinctiveness of Urbino's old town center ensured that it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage in 1998.



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