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  • Le spiagge del Conero

    Scopri le più belle spiagge, calette e scorci della Riviera

Numana Alta

Im oberen Teil der Stadt Numana liegt einer der eigenartigsten Strände der Riviera del Conero. Der Strand Spiaggiola, ein kleines Juwel an den Abhängen des Monte Conero mit einem herrlichen Blick auf das kristallklare Meer. Hier ist das Meer immer ruhig.

Wie erreicht man den Strand: zu Fuß vom Zentrum Numana oder vom Hafen in 15 Minuten.

dei Frati, Numana

A beach with beach club which has a distinctive and unique feel, private and fascinating owing to the tranquility of nature which surrounds it.

Directions: on foot from the beaches of Numana Alta.

Numana Bassa and Marcelli

From the small port of Numana starts an unbroken procession of public beaches and beach clubs ideal for families or for anyone wishing to try out some water sports.

Directions: by car heading south from Numana, or if you prefer you can take a long walk from Numana Alta.

due Sorelle, Sirolo

An enchanting beach, a veritable gem of unspoilt beauty which takes its name from the two white stone mounds in the sea in front of the beach.

Directions: accessible only by sea with chartered boats or with the Conero Ferry which departs every hour, seven days a week from the port of Numana.

San Michele and Sassi Neri Sirolo

A bay flanked by a rocky coastline overlooking a crystal-clear turquoise sea encloses one of the most picturesque beaches in the Conero Riviera, in part a bathing establishment and in part free beach.

Directions: by bus or on foot following the path which crosses the Parco della Repubblica of Sirolo to the beach.

Urbani Sirolo

This enchanting crescent-shaped beach set between a cave and a bluff and sheltered by cliffs boasts a unique atmosphere: crystal clear water and the scent of pine wafting in the breeze, perfect for an unforgettable afternoon of sun and relaxation. This beach has a beach club.

Directions: by bus or car following a 1 km road from the centre of Sirolo.


Just a few kilometres from the city of Ancona, in the natural scenery of the Conero Park we find this small enchanting paradise.

Directions: traveling along the Conero provincial road towards Portonovo or by shuttle bus.


A short distance from Ancona lies one of the most rustic beaches of the Conero Riviera, wide stretches of sand and stones bordering on an azure blue sea.

Directions: park your car on the Conero provincial road and you can take one of two paths which go directly down to the beach. It takes a bit of effort, but the beach is well worth it!

Porto Recanati

Just a short distance from the lively and trendy streets of the centre of Porto Recanati you will find wide stretches of sand and gravel interspersed with restaurants and bars, with the magnificent view of Mount Conero in the background.

Directions: by car heading south from Ancona.